Welcome to my Kitchen!

Why The Odd Hour Kitchen?
Well that was my life until recently… A long series of odd hours, unstructured days, no particular pattern or routine… The restless Gemini that I am, I love this lifestyle!
However a whirlwind life in the theatre, among other things affected our (the husband & mine) eating habits. We’d be back from a late, late rehearsal & Diggie (the aforementioned husband), would sheepishly ask, “There’s nothing to eat no?”
Then depending on my mood… And the love I felt for him right then… He’d be munching on banana chips or an exotic salami and cheese Spanish style omelette at 2 am.
Oh yes, and with no time for grocery shopping… I’d have to get creative with whatever’s available in the kitchen.
What’s Cooking in my Kitchen?
Oh that would totally depend on my mood, the weather, who’s coming to dinner, the song, movie or book I just heard, watched or read… And of course… what I am craving!
That aside a lot of what I cook depends on what’s available at home or at the local grocer. I do make an effort to stock up on baking essentials, and chocolate… ‘coz you never know…
Like I made this Whole-Wheat & Oatmeal Bread with Figs, Honey & Walnuts the weekend Bal Thackeray passed away…We didn’t have milk, eggs or anything substantial…and of course the shops were all shut… but I had all the right ingredients for this yummy & healthy bread!


 This is my Jowar & Bajra Loaf with Cinnamon-Star Anise Butter & Herb Butter. I made it as part of an assignment in my Baking Class where we had to come up with our own Gluten Free Bread.
Coriander Pesto Rolls that I made for the MasterChef India try-outs! Yes I did audition. No I didn’t make it! But was fun trying anyway!
So that’s a sneak peek into the kind of stuff you will find here! Will post recipes very soon!

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  1. Ooooo! I absolutely love it! The pictures are testimony to all the love for food and since we both are big time foodies, can’t wait to follow your journey of your culinary babies!

  2. This is bloody brilliant! So so so so so proud of you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    The writing is fun and honest and the pictures complement it. My favorite is the white chocolate picture :).

    Lots of love and all the luck in the world!

  3. This is brilliant, Shivani! I’m so so so so so proud of you 🙂

    The white chocolate and strawberry picture is my favorite… Hint! Hint! 😉

    Lots of love and all the best always!

  4. Lovely!!! keep it going baby…. ur great at both baking and the writing and the combo of it seems to coming out v well! 🙂 Hugs !

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