A 100 likes & La Fraise


I got a 100 Likes on my blog! Yay!

Thank you all for taking the time to read & appreciate the recipes. I’ve really enjoyed writing the posts over the past month since I started writing the blog. And this is very encouraging!

So thanks again 🙂

Now I’m on a diet starting tomorrow! And I can’t bake desserts, cakes or anything sweet, fattening or unhealthy… basically all that is yummy-licious… for the next 10 days!! Even if it is for someone else! Poor me 😦

I had to bake a cake one last time to celebrate the 100 Likes on my blog!

This is my sinful, decadent, experimental swan song… for about 10 days! (Boy am I dramatic!!)

I made this Flour-less Chocolate Almond Torte with Strawberries, for the first time on New Year’s Eve 2012-13. My inspiration was a dessert called L’Orange at Moshes, one of my favourite restaurants in Bombay. It’s an orange, hazelnut & chocolate cake & I absolutely love it!! The season for strawberries had just begun in Bombay around then & I just couldn’t resist the baskets of the lush, plump, red fruit I saw everywhere. So that’s what went into the cake instead of oranges & since hazelnuts weren’t available in my neighbourhood, I used almonds.

I looked up a bunch of recipes & eventually decided to merge 2-3 of them. It was a real experiment of sorts. I had no idea how it would turn out! My electric beater wasn’t working, so I didn’t get the volume & texture I wanted. And somehow the chocolate glaze hardened too quickly. It looked pretty & tasted great… I mean strawberries & chocolate – you can’t go wrong with that!

Our oldest, closest theatre friends (well they’re like family), that we were spending New Year’s Eve with, they loved it! These guys have been the most encouraging towards my food-foray! They’ve been guinea pigs, given feedback & generally been super, super supportive. Love them!


But for me… still not quite La Fraise (Strawberry in French)!

This is my New Year’s Eve 2012-13 Torte.

The Torte 2012

The Torte this time round seems to have risen better & is beautifully moist. (Okay so I sneaked a bite from a cup cake version I made to taste!!). I was a bit worried since I realized after popping the tin in the oven that I may have forgotten to put in the correct amount of a pretty important ingredient! But it seems just fine! Thank heavens! The glaze too is lighter & softer.

Fresh out of the Oven

I am not writing out the recipe yet as it is still a work in progress. I re-worked proportions, used an electric beater (my new one yay!), changed the glaze a bit,.

Will the experiment work? Will I be closer towards achieving the L’Orange result. Fingers crossed!!

La Fraise 2013

The Pre-Diet Torte 2013

In case you have a recipe or tips to help me get it right… please share!

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