Rosemary & Garlic Pull Apart Bread


Do you remember the first time you baked your own bread?

I  feel the same excitement each time I put a loaf together… this one included…

You know what goes into it, you know the science behind it (roughly)… but still the feeling when this… some flour, salt, herbs…

…after a bit of yeast, water, milk, oil, some time & a lot of patience… turns into this…

And then you knock it down, your hands may get all messy but your soul is in harmony with the rhythm of the dough as you knead it & stretch it….

You pour all your love into the soft, warm, pliable goodness as you season it, flavour it…

…And mould it, give it the shape your heart leads your hands to…

A little more patience, some more time, the aromas wafting from the oven driving you crazy with anticipation…

And there you have it… warm, comforting food for the soul…

Do you remember the first time you baked your own bread? The feeling of awe, excitement & magic… that you were instrumental in creating something so wonderful, so fulfilling… so perfect!

The recipe is inspired by Baked By Rachel & baked in my brand new oven 🙂


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  1. Hello!! Please could you share the measurements and baking time for this recipe? Looks like something my 3-year-old daughter and e will absolutely love! Thanks!!

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